"I know you think that I’m pissed at you.
but I don’t care that the angels fell.
so whatever you did, or didn’t do
it doesn’t matter.”

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My first thought was actually Edgar because of the”Lil’ Levi’s” sign Wanek tweeted earlier. I don’t know how big of a character he’d count as, but he works otherwise.

Oh god pls no…no more Leviathans :P I was so not fond of that storyline at all (although it did make for some laughs lbr)

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I love Benny, but I don't know that I'd want him back. I liked how they ended his story and a return would cheapen the whole "head chopping off" emotional impact, I think. Besides, has there been any indication that Ty would be coming back?

I mean yeah I feel you there. I selfishly want him back just because I love him and I want Dean to have to support system, but the way he went out had such a huge impact, bringing him back again would sort of take away from that.

That being said, I haven’t heard anything about Ty coming back or being spotted on set so…

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who do you think the 'big character' could be and who would you want it to be? (:

I want it to be Benny, but with everything going on…idk. I mean they could theoretically bring him back for just one episode but that wouldn’t really make much sense, and if he were going to be around for multiple episodes I can’t quite work out where he would fit in the current narrative…

Then again they were filming this scene where this character reappears in the Purgatory forest, which I sort of assumed they were just reusing as another forest, instead of them actually filming Purgatory scenes, but anything is possible. I’m assuming this big character will be returning in 10x03, since all the other ~spoilers were from that episode, and that seems like a LOT to fit into one episode considering everything else that’s apparently going to be happening.

Then again it’s a Bucklemming episode, pacing is not their strong suit, so… :P

I really have no good spec on this at all, it’s impossible to say and we haven’t really heard about anyone being spotted on set. Maybe once we see the premiere we’ll have a better idea of where the season is headed, but until then I have not a clue…

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Who do you think the big character is? I don't remember that spoiler.. hm. Do you think it's Benny? I mean, I thought they tied his story up pretty well..

I have several asks right now saying this exact same thing and wowww that would be really perfect if they used the purgatory forest to film a scene where Benny reappears on Earth I just….I want. I’m not going to get my hopes up tho because narratively I don’t think he would fit into what’s happening right now (he served a very specific purpose in season 8), but never say never, and I really want Benny back…so…who knows. :P

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Dean ganks three demons in Duluth, Minnesota without batting an eye. The fourth, he takes his time with, the Mark pulsing away insatiably beneath an increasingly blood-soaked sleeve.

He’s pretending not to notice the shifty looks Sam’s giving him as he rinses away the blood from under his fingernails. Motel tap water of the sort he’s pretty sure will only make him dirtier. Then again, there isn’t much that can cleanse him these days, anyway.

“What,” he snaps, finally, leaning on the edge of the sink.

“Was that—” Sam starts after a deep inhale, the really necessary? dangling in the air, in his eyes.

Dean doesn’t bother to answer, somehow doubting a yes is what Sammy’s looking for here. He just pushes off the sink instead, yanks his keys off the dresser, heads for the door.

“Where are you going?” Sam calls after him.

“Out,” he answers simply. He has no real plan, anyway, nothing much beyond picking up a bottle of something strong enough to burn as it goes down.

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Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers



I went on the location tour while in Vancouver and I thought I would share some information that I learned.


In the episode that Jensen is directing, a major character is going to be pinned up against this tree with his arms above his head. Russ Hamilton (the location manager for Supernatural) said that this scene is very important for the season.image

In the episode that Jensen is directing, a twenty foot sign is going to be in this spot. Russ stated that this sign was a big deal and was a great design for the episode.


Lastly, and I think the coolest, is that Russ stated that a big character is going to come back and appear here (this is where they shoot scenes for Purgatory). He said that he will be coming up from around a tree or something along the lines of that.

I hope you enjoyed the season 10 spoilers!

I’m just gonna put this BTS image here…

deancas is like soul crushing pain and heartache and devastation and i don’t know what i would do if i didn’t have the flirty school boy boob grabbing that is cockles to balance it all out

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Poor Jensen grabbing Misha in every photo op because he has to act like they’re friends and like he actually likes being around Misha oh no :(



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Castiel has a hard time understanding why anyone would rather receive a blow job than give one.  Sure, it feels great; and, yes, Dean can do things with his lips and tongue that probably shouldn’t be legal.  No matter how good it feels, though, Cas would argue that it doesn’t even remotely compare to the feeling of taking Dean apart a molecule at a time with his own tongue.

From the first soft hums of pleasure that start the second Castiel’s lips touch Dean’s cock to the throaty moans that follow, Cas can’t get enough of giving pleasure.  He loves the way Dean’s hips buck, instinct sending him in search of the warmth of Castiel’s mouth; he loves the way Dean’s fingers tremble when they stroke through his hair and then tangle and twist so he can push deeper.

With his hands on Dean’s hips, he can feel every little movement.  He can feel Dean’s body tighten and release in time with his ragged panting, feel Dean’s cock starting to thicken even as the sourness of precome tightens his jaw and makes him suck that much harder.  With his thumbs splayed across Dean’s stomach, he can feel the muscles ripple and clench, his hips twisting to chase the heat of Castiel’s mouth like a man on a mission.

When Castiel opens his eyes, he sees Dean’s are half-closed, eyelashes fluttering as he struggles to watch Cas, too.  Dean’s lips are plump and red from the way he bites them, slick with spit where his tongue darts out between hissed breaths, pausing, dragging slowly back in again.  He watches as Dean’s eyes fall shut for good and his head pushes back against the pillow, arching his body upward.

Cas can close his eyes then; he squeezes them tight and focuses on the softness of Dean’s skin as it slips between his own slick lips.  He listens as Dean’s moans turn to little growled whimpers and half-finished words.  His eyes water when Dean’s fingers twist a little too excitedly in his hair and pull him down, down, down.  He knows when Dean is close, his cock leaks and leaks until spit and precome are spilling down Castiel’s chin and all sound except Dean’s harsh, erratic breaths stop.

Dean’s body twists and tightens as he pushes into Castiel’s mouth again and again with quick, short thrusts before his whole body clenches and shivers and it’s all Cas can do to swallow fast enough as Dean starts to gasp praise and curses mixed in together, his body falling back to the bed and so that Castiel kiss and lick him clean.  His touch is soft again after that, stroking Castiel’s hair and his face and his shoulders; his body boneless under Cas’ roaming fingers.

When Castiel finally catches his breath and looks up, Dean is watching, lust-addled and looking sexier than any human being has a right to.  He’s putty in Castiel’s hands then, squirming and “mmm”ing and taking little shivery breaths as Cas takes ample time to explore his body.  On a good day, Dean will let him go on forever, mumbling nonsense while Castiel gives his body a good kissing.  

Getting a blow job is pleasant, of course, but it’s nothing next to the goofy, lopsided grin still on Dean’s face half an hour after Castiel is through with him.